Bike docks prepared for installation.

The design of the new Bay Area Alta bikes features blue wheels and a sea foam green frame.

The Bay Area Bike Share’s founding members have black keychains, as opposed to the standard model.

After several delays, the Bay Area’s Alta Bicycle Share has announced it will launch on August 29.

The Bike Share will have a first fleet of only 700 bicycles and 70 kiosks, likely adding more bikes early next year. The cities taking part include San Francisco, Redwood City, Palo Alto, Mountain View and San Jose.

Despite its progressive and environmentalist reputation, the Bay Area is a bit late to the bike share game. It joins more than 20 other programs throughout the U.S., and will be one of the smallest programs.

Photo Credit: The Bay Area bike share program is taking registrations so participants can get rolling soon. Bay Area Bike Share / Facebook