Marriott’s Old Bed Linens Transformed into Sustainable Tote Bag Collection

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Marriott is killing two birds with one product: It appears conscious and eco-friendly to customers while offering a creative attractive amenity to attract new guests.

— Samantha Shankman

British luxury brand Lilly and Lionel designed a whimsical bird motif exclusively for the tote.

The Sleep Bag from the London Marriott Hotel West India Quay features specially commissioned ‘In My Dreams’ artwork by the fashion designer Avsh Alom Gur.

Sleeping Bags partnered with 47 Park Street Grand Residences by Marriott to create the luxurious ‘Smart Thinking’ and ‘Wind of Change’ hairdryer bags.

There are only 25 Sleeping Bags created through a partnership with Marriott Marble Arch. Artist Vicki Murdoch hand painted each one.

British luxury brand Lilly and Lionel designed a whimsical bird motif exclusively for the tote.

Sleeping Bags partners with UK Marriott Hotels to create a limited edition tote bag collection.

Marriott Hotels is on track to becoming the fashion-forward, eco-friendly hotel of the UK.

The international hotel group launched a new tote bag collection in partnership with social enterprise Sleeping Bags and British luxury brand Lily and Lionel.

The bags are made completely out of retired bed linens and left as bedside amenities inside UK Marriott hotel rooms.

Sleeping Bags started turning retired bed linens into bags in an effort to reduce the amount of material sent to landfills and provide a sustainable alternative to plastic bags.

Sleeping Bags founder Andy Marks highlights the oft overlooked issue of discard bed sheets with the following anecdote, “If laid end-to-end, bed linen condemned by the world’s leading hotel chains in one year would go around the world more than twice.

There’s only one design of the limited edition bag currently available for $31 (£20) on the hotel’s e-commerce website; however, earlier editions were used as blowdryer and newspaper bags at specific Marriott properties. At least $15 (£10) from each bag sale will be donated to UK youth charity The Prince’s Trust.

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