Best Travel Ads This Week: Delivering Specific Pitches with a Punch

Shock, humor, and good fun are the ingredients that make this week’s travel videos pop.

These are quick hits produced by hotels, destinations, and websites with a very specific viewer in mind, making it easier to distill the companies’ targeted messages into less than 60 second spots.


Is getting $120 back on a hotel booking good enough grounds to shout profanities at an funeral? Probably not, but that’s the unlikely situation Tingo uses to highlight the opportunities available on its site. The ad‘s attempts to be funny is unorthodox and seemingly low budget, not unlike the site’s whole roll-out.

South Africa Tourism specifically targets Australians in its new ad spot It’s Time featuring four Australian women’s vacation. The video purposefully shows a wide range of activities meant to convince Australians that they can get more bang for their buck in South Africa.  Light, energetic, and only a tad cheesy, South Africa lays out what could be many Australian’s dream vacation.

The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas released its edgy, somewhat chaotic new ad video earlier this week. Flashy images of bright red lips and men diving into pools are seen in between phrases like “stop making sense” and “the mainstream is polluted” over a deep house track. The hotel’s attempt to walk a thin line between total mayhem and organized fun is apparent in its slogan: “Just the right amount of wrong.”

The Negotiator’s daughter takes a break from her family adventures to plan a girls’ weekend in Priceline‘s newest ad. Priceline is still pushing its mobile bookings with Kaley Cuoco using a tablet to book a last minute deal. Perhaps the airline saw a lag in female customers prior to this video’s creation.

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