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At the start of 2013 Skift launched our first Global Trends Report, focusing on 13 trends that would define travel in 2013. Six months later, after an amazing reception, we are expanding on the trend hunting — so to speak — and are launching a twice-monthly Global Trends Report, focusing each edition on one specific trend.

Think of each edition as a briefing report on a specific trend, giving you great insight into the current state of the market, the context of what led to this trend and where that trend line is going in the near future.

This first issue, The Future of Hotel In-Room Entertainment dives into the rapidly changing state of the in-room entertainment experienced inside hotel rooms. We believe the sector will see a lot of activity from the industry and adoption from consumers, as expectations on ubiquitous connectivity rises across every part of the travel lifecycle.

This first report, which we are selling a la carte, will lead to an annual subscription service to be launched later, with the new Global Trends Report delivered to your inbox every two weeks.

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