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WorldMate’s iOS app was updated today and it now helps you check-in for your flight.

It’s a feature that has yet to be implemented by itinerary-management rivals such as TripIt and TripCase.

The WorldMate app for iPhones and iPads, both in the free and Gold versions, now is designed to generate a pop-up when the airline’s check-in is available for your flight, opens the airline’s check-in page within the app, pre-fills some of the fields based on your flight confirmation, and enables you to drag and drop missing information from your reservation details.

WorldMate spokesperson Adi Mansur says the app pre-fills the information for the online check-in form for most major airlines, and features a clipboard to drag and drop any missing information from your reservation details when called for.

The WorldMate Gold app indeed alerted me that check-in was available for a US Airways flight I have tomorrow, inputted my confirmation code, and enabled me to begin the check-in process. (I had actually checked in for the flight online a few hours earlier so I couldn’t determine how much information the app would have filled in.)

“No one else is doing this,” Mansur says.  “At best, other services merely send the user to the airline’s site without any of the necessary details in hand.”

Both the notification feature and the pre-filled information certainly is convenient, eliminating the need to hunt around for flight confirmation codes and other details.

For my US Airways flight referenced above, US Airways itself sent me an online check-in reminder — five hours after it first became available.

And, WorldMate’s notification service would also be a jumpstart on the Southwest Airlines flight check-in process, where early check-in may push you closer to the front of the boarding line.

Here’s WorldMate’s video on how the new feature works: