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The casino chain Caesars….was looking for ways to induce semiregular visitors to show up more routinely at its other casinos around the country and to keep regulars from defecting to new competitors. Analytics Media Group was making the pitch that keeping gamblers loyal to Caesars was not all that different from keeping onetime Obama voters from straying to Mitt Romney.

It was all a matter of figuring out how to get their message in front of the right customers at the right time….The casino had gobs of data on its customers…we need to make a model of likely customers…A.M.G. would break them down along a range of Caesars Scores, à la Wagner’s persuadable scores. Then A.M.G. could work through it and direct advertising toward those whose visits had fallen off: find what they watch via Rentrak in the greatest concentrations and then ply them with TV advertising.