Destinations, airlines, hotels, and even tour companies have to take a stand for something when they create an ad. Although there’s not right or wrong answer, the choice of what to focus on helps to ultimately define a brand.

Often, destinations will associate themselves with a certain feeling or concept like Québec’s “original” ads or Australia’s “nothing like Australia” campaign.

Other times they’ll dedicate themselves to something more concrete. In this case, Turkish Airlines dedicates itself to sports sponsorships and the U.S. focuses on business travel and  the juxtaposition of the airline’s bright-colored tennis balls and the U.S. obsession with work is too good not to note.


The new ad campaign for Tourism Québec is part of a brand overhaul for the Canadian province. It executes a brand identity with a mixture of clean text, playful graphics, and edgy video. The video was created by Québec-based advertising agency Cossette and check out Tourism  Québec’s website for more creative videos from the campaign.

Tourism Australia is one of the savviest tourism organizations when it comes to social media and several new promotional videos are uploaded on its YouTube page every week. The above ad is just rework of the videos that debuted last year as part of the Nothing Like Australia campaign.

The next installment of U.S. Travel Association‘s  “Travel Effect” campaign focuses on business travel. Although the text makes the argument for why businesses should be business travelers on the road – negotiations, networking, new business, and stronger business relationships –  the images showcase the parties that benefit most from business travel, like convention centers, hotels, restaurants, and golf courses.

Ottawa Tourism entices visitors to lengthen their trip by offering a third hotel stay for free. This commercial does a great job at balancing its hotel pitch with a series of attractive lifestyle scenes and activities.

Turkish Airlines has committed itself to sports promotions after its sponsorships played a significant role in boosting the airline’s global profile. It’s most recent 30-second spot focuses on tennis amidst a number of global tournaments.

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Photo credit: Text is as integral as photos to Quebec's "original" tourism campaign. Bonjour Quebec / Bonjour Quebec

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