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Yesterday we highlighted the top airlines dependent on extra ancillary fee from passengers and, not surprisingly, that list was dominated by low-cost carriers that make a very large portion of their profits selling these extras. But which airlines manage to squeeze out most dollars per passenger, on top of their ticket prices?

The latest IdeaWorksCompany’s CarTrawler Review of Ancillary Revenue Results for 2012 study also gives us those numbers, and the list is a very interesting and eclectic mix of brands from low-cost carriers to full-service legacy airlines.

From Ideaworks report:

Qantas and Virgin Atlantic accomplish this task largely through the sale of frequent flier points or miles to program partners. Spirit and Jetstar drive revenue through attention-getting low fares and by promoting the option for consumers to choose more comfort and convenience through a la carte services. United and Alaska choose a balanced combination of all the above.

2012 results Extra fee per passenger 2011 results Extra fee per passenger
Qantas Airways $56.21 Qantas Airways $50.82
Spirit $48.72 Spirit $41.75
AirAsia X $46.31 $41.37 $45.83 AirAsia X $38.25
Allegiant $38.86 United Continental $36.47
United $38.11 Allegiant $34.00
Korean Air $30.94 Alaska Air Group $24.61
Virgin Atlantic $30.47 Jetstar $23.35
Jetstar $29.60 Aer Lingus $22.02
Alaska Air Group $26.10 Flybe $21.92
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