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The future of the airline industry has got to be brighter than its present, according to Marty St. George, senior VP-marketing and commercial strategy at JetBlue Airways, in the latest “#AFewGoodMinutes” interview from Allen & Gerritsen.

“It’s not as bad now as it was even two years ago, but you still have legacy airlines trying to compete on who’s got the nicest prison cell,” Mr. St. George said. “We’re in a different class than that and I think the whole industry is going to be better off if we all up our game a little bit.”

Plenty of downdrafts remain, of course. “How many times have Wall Street guys come in and said ‘You know, if you charge five bucks for TV, you’d make a lot of money’?” Mr. St. George said in the interview, with Joel Idelson, senior VP and creator of opportunities at Allen & Gerritsen. “You know what, you’re right, but then we wouldn’t be JetBlue.”

“It’s actually kind of liberating,” he added, “compared to other places where you’re continually in this fight of ‘What’s the next thing I can take away from my customers?'”

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