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The brainchild of Praveen Moman, a Ugandan native, [Kyambura Lodge] was built “to allow people to explore the area’s gifts.” Moman spearheaded ecotourism here in 1997. In the wake of the genocide, Moman saw an opportunity to not only share the region’s natural resources, but also give back. He essentially has funded an elementary school that serves 800 students, invested in gorilla protection and other projects, and made sure his lodges are as green as the hills around them.

Kyambura Lodge is a renovated coffee processing plant. Its series of grass bandas are appointed with open showers, comfortable bedding, and a view of the spectacular Rwenzori Mountains and the plains of national park in the foreground.

Photo Credit: Tourists trek the highest mountain range in Uganda, a common side trip for those staying in Rwanda. Jørn Eriksson / Flickr