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Uber's CEO uses this announcement to call his critics names and trash his rivals -- all while arguing he just cares about innovating and serving customers. You know what's a great innovation? A car-hail app without all the boasting and complaining.

… Over the last year, new startups have sought to compete with Uber by offering transportation services without traditional commercial insurance or licensing. Uber refrained from participating in this technology sector — known as ridesharing — due to regulatory risk that ridesharing drivers may be subject to fines or criminal misdemeanors for participating in non-licensed transportation for compensation.

…  Uber will roll out ridesharing on its existing platform in any market where the regulators have given tacit approval;

In the absence of regulatory leadership, Uber will implement safeguards in terms of safety and insurance that will go above and beyond what local regulatory bodies have in place for commercial transportation.

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Photo Credit: An Uber driver in Seattle, WA. Mike Folden Productions / Uber

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