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So the market for private jet startups sure is heating up! So far, we’ve written about BlackJet and Arrow, both of which are seeking to become a kind of “Uber for private flights.” So it probably comes as no surprise that there’s someone out there with a kind of Airbnb, peer-to-peer offering to make private flights cheaper for everyone. A new startup called JumpSeat has emerged to help make it easier for the private jet set to make unused seats on flights they’ve chartered available to others, and to help them save some money in the process.

The idea behind JumpSeat is simple: There are a lot of people who want to fly private, but don’t necessarily want to do so on a half-empty jet. Rather than pay for the whole jet themselves, they can instead lower the cost of flying by making seats available to other jet-setting ballers looking to save a little money on their private jet experience.

Photo Credit: JumpSeat's goal is to make private flying cheaper. JumpSeat