It has been little over a month since we launched our first data dashboard in beta, SkiftSocial and we’ve had a great response and feedback since then. We have constantly been adding more brands into the system, optimizing the backend and the frontend, cleaning up the categories, adding features to it, and other additions.

Some of the major function we have added that would be of interest to the industry:

  • We’ve added Klout scores to add another metric to compare brands in a category. Go to any category or brand page and you’ll see Klout scores and metrics on it on there.
  • We’ve added a “Conversations” view to compare a sampling of how customers talk to brands, and how brands talk to them. You can see at a glance how brands respond, how quickly they respond, and to what kind of comments/inquiries they choose to respond to, in various categories.
  • We’ve added a quick drop-down search menu to make it easy to find specific brands or categories.

We are working on adding more social services into SkiftSocial, like Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and maybe even Google+ if we see enough usage by travel brands.

We are still in beta, and still free as we test and build this out. Suggestions (especially on what social metrics would you as a brand like to see), criticism and partnership enquiries welcome. Email us at social AT

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