New York’s new TV bus tour follows HBO’s Girls through Brooklyn

Skift Take

The tour won’t just attract out-of-towners looking for a piece of the city they feel attached to, but also New Yorkers wondering where those warehouse parties really take place.

— Samantha Shankman

The popularity of the HBO comedy Girls reached new heights last week as a bus company announced plans for a Girls tour of Brooklyn and Manhattan. (It already runs a successful Sex and the City version.) The hugely enjoyable tale of Hannah Horvath and friends, written by and starring Dunham, is loved by current and former navel-gazing postgrads with an inflated sense of their own importance the world over. But will they cough-up their allowance for an air-conditioned mooch around Dunham’s beige-hued metropolis? Those on more of a budget can web-search the several fan-compiled maps of locations springing up on the net for a more DIY excursion.

But what will they find as they slope disaffectedly from Soho to Greenpoint? (You have to “slope” like Dunham’s character Hannah or you’re not doing it right.) Where to start? Why not squint up at the window of Adam’s apartment in Prospect Heights and re-live one of the many discomforting sex scenes in which he jumped Hannah’s apathetic bones while looking at himself in the mirror?

For those of a delicate constitution, stick with the rustic cafes and mimsy cupcake shops outside which various characters had “moments” with each other because they couldn’t afford to go inside. Press your nose against the window of the Babycakes Bakery on Broome Street and try to imagine the true horror of a vegan muffin. Or, back in Brooklyn, have a sniff around the deserted Bushwick Place warehouse where Shoshanna accidentally smoked crack at that party.

Completists could recreate Jessa’s impromptu bunk-up in the toilets at Tom and Jerry’s bar on Elizabeth Street or enjoy the clinical surroundings of the Soho women’s clinic where she should have been that same day, having an abortion. Maybe go the whole hog and have an on-the-spot STD test. Go on, you’re on holiday.

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