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Nowhere Magazine has successfully funded 113 percent of its original goal of $7,500 for its digital redesign in just over two weeks. The literary venture was launched as a free website in 2009 by Porter Fox. The site collects essay contributions from authors, journalists, and travelers who, until now, were paid a very small stipend for their work.

Fox explains that 75 percent of the funds will go to the writers, designers, and photographers that are working on the site redesign and contribute to the magazine. “I worked as a travel journalist for 13 years and felt really guilty not paying people what they were worth,” says Fox.

The rest of the funds will be used for the site’s transition to a print and downloadable tablet magazine, which will be available on iPads, Kindles, and Samsung Galaxy tablets for a small subscription fee. Nowhere will continue to share free content on its blog.

Fox is a freelance writer based out of Brooklyn, New York. He says Nowhere defines travel as a break from the normal routine and “anything that involves elements of people, place, and time.”