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Savvy travelers expect a lot from their lodging; for many, where they retire to at the end of a long day on the go is as important as the sights they see along the way. Enter Amsterdam’s new Hotel Droog, brainchild of the brand that has been a defining force at the cutting edge of Dutch design for the past two decades. It is, unsurprisingly, much more than the straightforward name implies; the immersive locale also includes a restaurant, boutiques, terrace, and gallery. It’s like a super-cool mini-mall–one-stop shopping to satisfy all your modern tendencies.

Droog design store in Amsterdam

Droog’s creates and designs products, projects, and events around the world. Photo by design_lounge.

Then, of course, the top floor is reserved for overnight guests, where anyone who’s lucky enough to snag a room can drift off into dreamland with a primo view of the capital city’s skyline.