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New data from U.S. Office of Travel & Tourism Industries on the international air traffic to/from the United States for the first six months of 2012 has some interesting trends:

— International air traffic to/from U.S. totaled 86.35 million passengers for first half 2012, a nine percent increase over first half 2011.

— U.S. citizen air travel (39.0 million) increased five percent and comprised 45 percent of all air traffic. Foreign national (non-U.S. citizen) air travelers (47.3 million) increased by 11 percent, representing 55 percent of the total market.

— U.S. airlines carried 47.1 million passengers, up six percent, however their share slipped from 56 to 55 percent. Foreign flags carried 39.3 million passengers, up 12 percent from January-June 2011, increasing their share to 45 percent.

Meanwhile, top international airports and airlines to and from U.S. for first six months of 2012:

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