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Skype definitely deserves a spot on your "packing list" because in addition to calling features, the latest updates make photo-sharing a lot easier for business or leisure travelers on the go.

Skype has long been an easy and free way to call friends and family when gallivanting around the world, and now it has enhanced its usefulness for travelers by introducing photo-sharing in updated iPhone and iPad apps.

The update enables users to send and receive photos to and from other Skype users without worrying about data charges and size limitations.

And, the transmittal times are fast.

“There’s no limit on the size of the file you can send, so you can send photos without reaching email size limits or paying expensive MMS charges,” Skype notes in a blog post about the updates.

To send the photos from your iPhone or iPad, you just select one of your contacts, choose “send photos,” and then either opt for “take photo” or “choose existing” to transmit a pic.

Of course, you can always upload vacation photos to Facebook to share with your social network, but the Skype iPhone and iPad update enables one-on-one photo-sharing without hassling with the size limits or financial concerns of using text or email.

Skype’s August 21 iOS update also tweaked the privacy setting and fixed a bug related to  “Bluetooth and calls,” Skype says.



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