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Saudi Arabian Airlines hasn't flown to Syria since late February, but that hasn't dampened passions among their pan-Middle Eastern crew.

Source: Daily Telegraph
By Ruth Sherlock Beirut

What began as a disagreement between the two flight attendants, one enamoured with the Syrian regime and the other opposed to it, turned into a fist-fight.

The hostesses’ flight was delayed as the women slugged it out in Dubai Airport in a brawl that had to be broken up by security officers, said airport sources quoted in the Arab media.

This is thought to be one of more than a dozen brawls and heated debates between Syrian flight attendants that have increased the cabin pressure in the months since the conflict in Syria began.

Divergent political views on the conflict have become so polarised that spending hours locked on the same plane with opponents has become too much for some to bear.

The situation has become so serious that the Saudi Arabian Airlines officials called all Syrian airhostesses to a meeting in which they were banned from any political activity or discussion whilst on duty, or risk dismissal.

Company officials noted their concern that they did not want the conflict to escalate and risk causing customer dissatisfaction or damaging their image.

Saudi Arabia halted flights to Syria on February 17th in line with sanctions against the Syrian regime, but not, the airline company officials were keen to remind al-Watan, the Syrian people.
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