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  • Spotlight on Student Travel Trends
  • The New Frontier of Extended Stay Hotels
  • The Rise of Curation in Travel Listings
  • The Future of Tours and Activities Tech
  • Business Travelers’ Changing Digital Device Habits
  • Venture Capital Investments in Startups

Venture Investment Trends in the Travel Industry: Lessons & Strategies for Travel Startups

  • Discover what type of travel startups attract venture capital funding
  • See where smart money is going
  • Understand some of the common mistakes that startups make as they seek funding and strive to build their new businesses

Free Report: The Future of Personalized Marketing in Travel

  • What is personalized marketing and how is it being used today?
  • What are companies doing now, across the industries, to customize the user experience?
  • What is the future of big data and personalized marketing and what should companies consider before jumping on board?

Instagram Strategies for Travel Brands

  • Instagram is the most engaged social media platform in comparison to Twitter and Facebook; quality images, hashtags, and @mentions are shaping the way the community interacts.
  • Travel brands leverage user generated content to surface relevant images and video, inspire its community to act, and to form deeper connections.
  • As the community grows, brands and influencers are focused on maintaining integrity and the quality of content to benefit their audience.

The Future of the Aircraft Cabin: Tracking Trends & Debunking Myths

  • What's the current state of the aircraft cabin?
  • What are airlines doing to evolve the aircraft cabin class structure?
  • What's the future of aircraft cabins and what do we have to look forward to?