March 24, 2014

Personal Recommendations Are Still the Most Important Planning Source for Travelers

February 3, 2014

The Geographic Spread of Travel Startups Across North America

December 23, 2013

Five Travel Startups Use Social Media for Local Guides and Lower Fares

December 9, 2013

Germany’s Largest TV Network Acquires Booking Site

November 15, 2013

Pinterest Will Launch a Travel Channel to Push Users from Inspiration to Booking

November 4, 2013

Travel Blogs Not Finding Use Among Travelers

October 24, 2013

Queen Latifah Endorses Pinterest For Trip-Planning

October 17, 2013

Trip Planner MyGola Raises $1.5 Million In Series A Funding Round

October 8, 2013

Marriott Discovers Children Play an Active Role in Family Vacation Planning

August 30, 2013

First Look at the $22 Million, 6-Year-in-the-Making Travel Planning Website Hopper

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