November 19, 2013

Five Travel Startups for Pre-Trip Research and Planning

April 19, 2013

Google Translate adds Cambodia’s Khmer as its 66th language

January 26, 2013

Chinese translator app Waygo helps travelers avoid dining disasters abroad

January 3, 2013

Orlando dispatches airport translators to cater to growing number of international visitors

October 17, 2012

4 translation apps are the talk of the town

September 18, 2012

Duolingo announces $15 million funding round led by Union Square Ventures and NEA

September 13, 2012

Finnish startup Transfluent raises $1 million for social media translations

August 20, 2012

Video: UK developer creates glasses for real-time translations

August 15, 2012

Verbalizeit will connect travelers to translators with the click of a button

August 9, 2012

Updated Google Translate app now reads text taken from photos

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