August 6, 2014

Boeing Is Betting on Tobacco to Make Flying Better

April 25, 2014

Carbon Offsets, Once Hyped, Lose Allure in Travel Sector

April 16, 2014

British Airways Plans to Fuel Future Flights With Garbage

How High Gas Prices Protect Established Airlines From New Competitors

September 13, 2013

Brazil Needs Cheaper Jet Fuel, Says Nation’s Aviation Minister

March 15, 2013

Obama wants $2 billion from oil industry for clean-energy transportation research

March 12, 2013

Bahamas turns to oil exploration in face of mounting debt

March 6, 2013

Ecuadorian indigenous community struggles to balance big oil and ecotourism

September 21, 2012

Despite claims, Ryanair planes were not skimping on fuel during Spain re-routings

September 20, 2012

JetBlue’s founder says he’s on a mission to lower fuel costs

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