March 4, 2014

Great Wall of China Designates Special Section for Tourists’ Graffiti

January 21, 2014

Israel Takes Action to Save Ancient Sites from Earthquakes

August 4, 2013

Italy Tries to Save Pompeii from Natural Decay and Mafia Corruption

May 26, 2013

American war monuments too expensive to restore are left to decay

March 23, 2013

Obama designates 5 new monuments as sequester eats away at national parks

February 2, 2013

Bolivia mining town takes on both Rio and New York City with giant statue of Virgin

December 7, 2012

Hollywood sign receives a rigorous restoration prior to its 90th anniversary

December 1, 2012

Maya are banned from holding ceremonies at the temples their ancestors built

A piece of the archeological site in Pompeii crumbles after days of heavy rain

November 1, 2012

Macedonia divided over monuments meant to restore cultural capital

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