April 1, 2014

‘We Cannot Let Another Aircraft Simply Vanish,’ says IATA Chief

Deaths Caused by Plane Crashes Fell Almost 50 Percent in 2013

March 29, 2014

Venezuela Agrees to Slowly Let Global Airlines Repatriate $3.8 Billion in Ticket Sales

March 26, 2014

Venezuela Stonewalls IATA on Debt to Global Airlines

March 23, 2014

North America Is the Most Profitable Aviation Region, Go Figure

March 12, 2014

Airlines Can’t Be Held Responsible for Finding Fake Passports, IATA Says

Global Airlines’ Profit Forecast Cut by $1 Billion as Ukraine Conflict Hikes Fuel Costs

Missing Malaysia Jet Highlights Need for Real-Time Data Updates, IATA Says

February 6, 2014

Air Travel Grows at Steady Pace in 2013

U.S. Domestic Flights Are The Most Packed on the Planet

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