April 3, 2014

European Union Exempts Foreign Flights From Emissions Rules Until 2017

24 Hours of European Air Space Visualized in Video

April 2, 2014

EU Officials Propose Rewrite of Visa Rules to Attract More Tourists

March 13, 2014

EU Politicians to Block Deal Exempting International Flights From Emissions Rules

February 27, 2014

Foreign Airlines Must Be Held Responsible for EU Emissions Law, Argues Lobby

February 5, 2014

Google EU Antitrust Settlement Means Expedia, Booking.com and Yelp Get Equal Weight in Search

January 30, 2014

EU Struggles to Limit Foreign Airlines’ Carbon Emissions Without Prompting Trade War

December 9, 2013

European Commission Gives Airlines Approval to Relax Device Rules Throughout Flight

December 4, 2013

European Union May Soon Lift Visa Requirements for Turkish Travelers

November 13, 2013

European Airlines Follow U.S. Lead to Allow Gate-to-Gate Device Usage

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