March 4, 2014

Germany Threatens to Penalize Countries Whose Airlines Don’t Comply with EU Emissions Rules

October 16, 2013

Global Pressure Forces European Union to Limit Emissions-Cutting Scheme

October 4, 2013

A Marketplace for Airline Emissions that China and the West May Agree On

October 3, 2013

EU Nations Water Down Airline Emissions Rules to Gain Global Support

September 27, 2013

UN Assembly Proposes Emissions Rule That Exempts 84 Percent of Countries

September 5, 2013

EU Concessions on Plane Emissions Avert Global Carbon Trade War

August 15, 2013

Seattle Airport Project Will Save Money and Emissions

June 3, 2013

Global airlines bullish on higher profits, but emissions row threatens to derail it

May 22, 2013

European Union optimistic about global pact on aviation carbon emissions

November 13, 2012

U.S. Congress passes law to ban domestic airlines from complying with EU emissions rules

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