September 6, 2014

Cost-Conscious Chinese Tourists Sleep in Jersey Instead of NYC

July 17, 2014

The Simple Solution to Hotels’ Chinese Marketing Concerns

July 15, 2014

Hotel Chains Make Comeback With Chinese Travelers

July 4, 2014

Chinese Tourist Arrivals in Nepal Increase After Flight Pact

June 7, 2014

Chinese Tourism and Investments Surge Dramatically in Southern California

May 14, 2014

China Sends Police to Paris to Help Protect High-Spending Tourists

April 25, 2014

Hawaiian Airlines CEO: State Not Prepared to Handle Chinese Visitors

April 21, 2014

CEO Interview: Hawaii Tourism Authority is Pivoting to Asia to Attract Chinese Travelers

March 17, 2014

Harrods Wants To Introduce an In-Store Customs Officer for Departing Chinese Tourists

March 2, 2014

Beach Destinations Wooing Chinese Tourists

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