May 13, 2014

Phoenix International Airport Had Its Busiest Month in History in March

April 10, 2014

Hawaii Tourism Says it Makes $88 Million for Every $5 Million It Invests in a Pro Bowl

March 22, 2014

Arizona Officials Face Tough Task Wooing Visitors From Mexico

February 28, 2014

The Tourism Industry That Wouldn’t Stand for Arizona’s Anti-Gay Push

February 25, 2014

American Air and Southwest Join the Opposition to Arizona Anti-Gay Bill

Marriott Comes Out Swinging Against Arizona Gay Persecution Bill

December 27, 2013

National Park Officials Consider Imposing Limits on Grand Canyon Visitors

November 14, 2013

Arizona Wants a Full Refund for Reopening the Grand Canyon

October 28, 2013

Arizona Gets Refund for Grand Canyon Operation During Government Shutdown

July 16, 2013

In Lieu of Closing Shop, Desert Hotels Slash Rates by 70 Percent Each Summer

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