February 5, 2014

Google EU Antitrust Settlement Means Expedia, Booking.com and Yelp Get Equal Weight in Search

December 12, 2013

Bankrupt Advantage Rent A Car Sells Its Assets to Private Equity Firm

November 15, 2013

French Antitrust Body Says Expedia Has Too Much Influence on Hotel Room Pricing

November 4, 2013

Department of Justice Seeks Broad Concessions From the New American Airlines

October 30, 2013

AA-U.S. Airways Preparing a Settlement Proposal, Including Giving Up D.C. Slots

October 29, 2013

US Airways, American and DOJ Agree To Mediation In Merger Case

October 28, 2013

American and US Air Hub Airports Want To Intervene In Antitrust Case

October 23, 2013

American Airlines Merger Settlement Prospects May Be Gaining Momentum

October 21, 2013

American Airlines Reorganization Plan Gets Formal Approval

October 17, 2013

American Airlines CEO: We Are Open To a Settlement With Justice Department

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