May 27, 2014

Apple Targets Travelers in New iPad Air Commercial

May 22, 2014

Digital Video Is the Fastest Growing Format for Travel Marketing

May 16, 2014

Stunt Marketing Arrives At Airports: Heathrow To Be Rebranded As Terminal Samsung Galaxy

Best Travel Ads This Week: Real-Life Experiences That Pop Online

May 12, 2014

Brazil Launches Global Tourism Campaign Before the World Cup

May 9, 2014

What Facebook’s Declining Reach and ‘Like’ Fraud Mean for Advertisers

First Look at Airbnb’s First Global Advertising Campaign

Best Travel Ads This Week: Clever Ways to Position a Brand

May 7, 2014

Spirit Air Strips Actors Bare to Make a Point About Its Fees

May 2, 2014

St. Pete Launches New Brand Campaign Aimed at Younger, More Active Tourists

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