March 27, 2014

Airbnb Is Making a Dent Among Business Travelers

Airbnb Closing on Deal With Portland To Collect Lodging Tax on Sharing Rentals

March 26, 2014

The 4 Public Companies That List Airbnb as a Competitor in SEC Filings

March 23, 2014

6 Hospitality Trends We Tracked at Skift This Week

March 21, 2014

How Much Is an Airbnb Listing Really Worth?

Airbnb’s Plans to Use Its New Funding Are Hidden in Its Latest Trademark Filing

March 20, 2014

Airbnb Raising New Round of Funding at $10 Billion Valuation

March 19, 2014

San Francisco Renters Do Battle With Landlords Over Airbnb Activity

March 17, 2014

Airbnb Opening Large Operations and Customer Support Center in Portland, Ore

March 16, 2014

Vacation Rentals Near Coachella Music Festival Going for $650 Per Night

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