September 8, 2014

Interview: World Cup Turnout Is Guiding Brazil’s Tourism Marketing in the U.S.

September 2, 2014

Most World Cup Attendees Were Young, Educated Males

August 28, 2014

The Boston Private Equity Firm that Just Invested in Iguazu’s Waterfalls

July 22, 2014

Interview: Brazil’s Tourism President on the World Cup Disaster That Wasn’t

July 19, 2014

Costa Rican Travel Companies Add Country’s Brand to Marketing Materials

July 15, 2014

Costa Rica to See New International Routes and New Airlines This Year

July 12, 2014

Colombia’s Once Off-Limits Coffee Regions Are Open for Tourism

June 29, 2014

Santiago’s Cultural Rebirth Leads the Way for Tourism Growth

June 28, 2014

World Cup Tourism Proves to Be a Boon for Traditional Amazon Tribes

June 26, 2014

Where Brazil’s World Cup Fans Come From, Based on Facebook Check-Ins

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