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Taiwan Tourism Turns to YouTube Contest for New Campaign

Aug 15, 2014 3:00 am

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This has all the markings — QR codes, user-generated content, YouTube — of a campaign that’s more hype that effect, but we’re happy to see them try.

— Jason Clampet

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Entry instructions for Taiwan's new YouTube contest. YouTube

Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau is teaming up with Google to launch a global YouTube campaign and contest — “Anytime for Taiwan — Film Taiwan, Action!” — inviting international travelers to share Taiwan’s beauty and national heritage through YouTube videos.

According to the Tourism Bureau, statistics show that over 60 percent of international visitors that come to Taiwan search for the travel information about the nation online. In addition, most people also use the Internet to book tickets and hotels when preparing for their trips in Taiwan.

These facts indicate the importance of the Internet regarding the tourism industry. Therefore, in order to further promote Taiwan to the world, the Tourism Bureau and Google organized the contest, hoping to encourage more foreign travelers to visit the nation.

“The tourism industry plays a significant role in Taiwan’s economy. With the support of YouTube, the platform that serves over a billion users, we hope that we can take this industry to a global level,” said David Hsieh, director-general of the Tourism Bureau, during a recent press conference.

“Our aim is to present the best of Taiwan to the world,” he said.

The managing director of Google Greater China Scott Beaumont, as well as general manager of Google Taiwan Stanley Chen, also attended the press conference.

“In the digital age these days, people tend to search for information for traveling on the Internet. After visiting the place, people will then share their experiences online and contribute to the cycle again. Therefore, it will be really exciting to see what will happen next in this cooperation between Google and the Tourism Bureau,” said Beaumont.

Chen also shared his view about this event, saying that the power of user-generated content shared on the Internet is enormous these days. Therefore, a positive impact can be expected in the near future after launching this campaign.

The event will begin on Aug. 15 this year and end on Aug. 14 in 2015. The organiser invites foreign visitors to share their videos when traveling around Taiwan on the event’s official YouTube channel. There are also special prizes for participants. When receiving over 1,000 votes, the video owner can adopt the “NT$1 per vote” award system and receive the same amount of money as the votes they get. The highest amount can reach NT$2 million. In addition, the Tourism Bureau will choose a final winner who will win a round-the-world plane ticket.

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