13 Smart Data Points That Help Explain the State of Travel in 2014


Aug 05, 2014 8:02 am

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The full presentation has even more compelling facts that will make you smarter about travel.

— Jason Clampet

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To mark Skift’s second anniversary, we launched a new annual State of Travel presentation.

Download the 105 page free slide deck here.

Inspired in part by Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends presentations over the last decade, Skift has taken a wide sweep across the world’s largest sector to give you every chart, data point, and fact you need to know about travel right now.

The 13 slides below highlight a mix of trends and developments that we think offer a compelling glimpse of what travel looks like right now and where it’s heading as well:

  • How travel jobs have come back faster, post-recession than other U.S. jobs
  • The fastest growing new destinations fro travelers
  • Southwest’s dominance of the low-class carrier market in the U.S.
  • The giants of global hospitality
  • The radically different ways consumers and hotels prioritize service
  • The biggest online booking sites
  • Flattening of desktop booking and the rise of mobile
  • Digital travel ad spend’s continued growth
  • The effects of post-conflict and post-disaster tourism in 3 destinations
  • The countries behind the U.S. tourism boom
  • What Europe loses when it ignores disabled travelers
  • How much business travelers plan to share
  • How consumers are buying on smartphones and tablets

Download the FULL free State of Travel presentation

Download (PDF, 192KB)


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