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The State of Travel, 2014


Aug 04, 2014 7:00 am

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This is the global State of Travel, in 2014 and beyond. Go ahead, gorge on the 105-page slide deck.

— Rafat Ali

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Skift's inaugural State of Travel, 2014 presentation.

Marking Skift’s second anniversary, we’re launching a new annual State of Travel presentation. Download the 105 page free slide deck here.

Inspired in part by Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends presentations over the last decade, Skift has developed its version of a wide sweep across the world’s largest sector, the State of Travel in 2014.

Evolving from our daily coverage of global travel industry, from our ongoing series of trend reports, and from Skift’s popular Daily Travel Stats Twitter-feed — but also incorporating expert research from throughout the travel industry — we’ve collected and organized dozens of key data points, helping to frame the recent and always changing travel landscape, all 105 pages of charts, tables and graphs.

From developments and new steps in specific verticals to the wide-ranging and ever-shifting nature of travelers’ choices and passions, the following slides represent significant measures of the industry during the past year (and beyond). The presentation also gives attention to emerging factors, including mobile apps and their role in travel e-commerce, the sharing economy, the rise of the Chinese traveler, and the “silent traveler” — our own model for a digitally savvy consumer who is incrementally pulling away from older models of travel service.

Download the full slide deck for free, here.

Download free State of Travel presentation

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