Cleveland Tourism Welcomes LeBron James’ Return


Jul 12, 2014 12:00 pm

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King James giveth and King James taketh, and now LeBron James giveth to Cleveland tourism and basketball once again.

— Dennis Schaal

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Cleveland CVB

The Cleveland CVB can hardly contain its euphoria about LeBron James' return trip to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Cleveland CVB

OK, it is a stretch to say LeBron James is getting in step with the “local” trend in travel, but the Miami Heat star has decided to head home to his roots in northeast Ohio and his former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Cleveland CVB is in a celebratory mood.

@TheCLE tweeted July 11 after news broke that the NBA superstar would be heading home: “Dear @KingJames…#ThisisCLE #BacktoCleveland @cavs” and posted a pic that read: “Dear LeBron: We’ve been called a lot of things. But we’ve never been more proud than to be called your home. And for that you’re welcome.”

The Cleveland CVB earlier had tweeted a link to James’ announcement in Sports Illustrated detailing under his own byline the return of the prodigal son, who’s jersey had been burned when he bolted Cleveland and took his talents to South Beach four years ago.

It’s been quite a few weeks for the City of Cleveland. The national GOP convention is coming in 2016, and Johnny Manziel, when he isn’t partying in Las Vegas, will be suiting up as a quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.

We haven’t seen any tweets from Visit Florida about Miami’s losing James to Cleveland, although Skift witnessed some Miami Heat fans in tears at Miami International Airport yesterday on the day of the Decision 2.

Cleveland tourism, including area restaurants, hotels and attractions, are expected to get a big boost from James’ return.

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