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Boeing Now Offers Bigger Luggage Bins on Its Most Popular Domestic Jet

Jul 11, 2014 4:15 pm

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We’re waiting for the first airline that starts branding and then charging for these plus-sized bins.

— Jason Clampet

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Handout  / Boeing

In this image from Boeing, a Flight Attendant loads more bags in an overhead bin than previously possible. Handout / Boeing

Of all the inconveniences afflicting airline travelers, there might be none worse than the shortage of overhead bin space.

Passengers will do just about anything to find room for their carry-on bag. They creep forward at the gate long before their boarding group is called. They stow their bag above someone else’s seat. They even pay extra for early boarding.

Boeing Co. says it is responding to the battle of the bins: It will offer airlines the option for bigger bins on new models of its 737 jet, which is commonly used on domestic routes.

Boeing said Thursday that its “space bins” will hold six standard-size carry-on bags — two more than fit in current bins on the 737.

Alaska Airlines will be the first carrier to get the larger bins on new planes, starting in late 2015. The airline’s treasurer, Mark Eliasen, says the extra space will let passengers keep personal items in the cabin.

Boeing says airlines could retrofit some current 737 models with the new bins.

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