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Twitter-Shy Japan Airlines to Use It for Flight Status Updates


Jul 08, 2014 8:30 am

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Since JAL is just dipping into Twitter now, we’ll see how long they keep up with this.

— Marisa Garcia

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JAL Adds Flight Info Accounts to It’s Twitter Profiles

Japan Airlines issued an announcement today calling attention to the silent debut on the 1st of July of its new JAL Flight Info Twitter accounts.

In English:

And in Japanese:

The airline will update the account four times a day at 5:30, 10:00, 16:00 and 19:00 (Japan Standard Time) with flight information for the current and and the following day of operations.

The airline advises that it will not reply to comments on Twitter through this JAL Flight Info Account.

JAL’s official Japanese Twitter account @JAL_Official_jp also does not appear to reply to customer service questions and is rather used to provide customers with information regarding its products and promotions. Launched on December 24, 2013, this account has thus far sent out 167 Tweets, most in Japanese, and has 18.2K followers.

According to SkiftIQ, JAL is one of the least active airlines on social media.

The airline is taking advantage of Twitter’s capabilities to keep passengers informed of critical news on both its Twitter channels, including today with dangerous weather conditions brought on by Super-Typhoon Neoguri.

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