Apple’s New iOS 8 Leaves Out Big Fixes to Faltering Maps App

Excerpt from TechCrunch

Skift Take

Please Apple, fix your maps.

— Jason Clampet

Apple, during WWDC last week, delivered some significant updates across various parts of its business…

But one area of Apple’s business was nearly nowhere to be found at the main event: Maps.

I write “nearly” because it was not an event without any mentions of Maps — Apple gave a quick line to the news that it now offers vector maps and other improvements in China. And there is a feature in iOS 8 that will give venue owners the ability to add more indoor positioning data. But from what we understand this was far from what Apple had intended.

“There were multiple improvements that didn’t make it into iOS8,” a source tells us.

Two years after parting company with Google, Apple is still trying to work out its killer Maps app.

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