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Best Travel Ads This Week: Giving Travelers What They’re Looking For


Jun 06, 2014 8:00 am

Marriott International

A couple talks about how their "love travels" in new Marriott campaign. Marriott International

This week’s collection of video ads attempt to stir up a certain emotion in the viewer, whether it’s a sense of adventure for those stuck in a routine or a place to relax for those that at times feel at risk.


Spain’s tourism board encourages visitors to leave behind routine, expectations, and rules in order to embrace nature, experiences and one another in this new ad spot that effectively targets a broad demographic including families, seniors and different nationalities.

Enjoy Illinois tries to show off an edgier side of its destination with a series of “mancations” spots aimed at men and aptly released before Father’s Day. A calm serious introduction is followed up with a quick sequence showing off the activities in Illinois from car races to gambling.

Marriott International launched a beautifully produced ad campaign targeting LGBT travelers this week. The campaign features photography and video that captures same-sex couple and transgender individuals at various Marriott properties.

This video promoting the Entlebuch Biosphere in Switzerland is one of the strangest tourism videos we’ve seen so far.

The premise is that the region’s sustainable lifestyle preserves the area so well that locals have invited aliens to visit no matter how long it takes them to arrive. The PR buzz spread throughout Europe raising awareness of the natural area to more earthbound tourists.

Iceland’s flag carrier Icelandair released a new safety video this week that doubles as a tourism ad for the increasingly popular destination. The video espouses the usual safety warnings, but uses the country’s remarkable scenery as a backdrop for the directions.

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