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Best Travel Ads This Week: Finding the Magic in Mundane Travel Experiences


May 30, 2014 8:00 am

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It’s not always easy to make a necessary business flight or hotel room conference call look attractive, but these brands achieve just that by adding humor and design to what would otherwise be a very boring 30 seconds.

— Samantha Shankman

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Delta Air Lines  / YouTube

Delta Air Lines compares San Francisco and Los Angeles in its new ad for the city-to-city shuttle service. Delta Air Lines / YouTube

This week’s roundup of travel ads features one hotel, one airline and three destinations, which all try to communicate the magic of what some business travelers might consider otherwise mundane experiences.


B&B Hotels touts its free high-speed Internet access with two ads highlighting the benefits of free Wi-Fi whether for leisure or business travelers. The ad succeeds in communicating its message by using two examples that most travelers have dealt with or feared before. The ad was created in collaboration with Paris ad agency HAVAS 360.

Delta Air Lines advertises its Los Angeles to San Francisco shuttle with a split screen comparing the two cities. The screens merge into a single screen touting the comfort and ease of the flight highlighting Wi-Fi and snacks that make the transit experience seamless.

This well-produced Kenya Airways appears on Arabic TV stations and highlights the Kenya as a destination as well as the cities that the airline flies to. The ad achieves a complex task by integrating images of the destinations while still highlighting the product itself.

Tuscaloosa, better known at the home to the University of Alabama, is trying to tout its attractions outside of football games. The city’s tourism and sports commission recently released these two ads aimed at showing viewers what’s outside of the stadium. The campaign is surely part of a push to increase tourism during the off-season.

Virginia Tourism Corporation continues to build upon its “Virginia Is For Lovers” tagline with these montage of video clips highlighting the beauty of Virginia’s landscape, its culinary scene, and a broad range of experiences. Virginia’s challenge will be to iterate the slogan without tiring out the brand.

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