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Best Travel Ads This Week: Clever Ways to Position a Brand


The destinations featured in this week’s ad roundup range from the most visited to the most unusual of places. Each employs a unique marketing style their attempts to build a visitor base.


This adorable ad by SAS Airlines puts a little girl in the figurative shoes of her father on his way home from a business trip. It also shows air travel from a new perspective that imagines a child doing the routine activities of boarding, turning off devices, and catching a taxi.

This creative Explore Canada ad contrasts a traveler’s letter home to the actually activities available to visitors in Canada. It cleverly juxtaposes phrases like “eating well” with elaborate meals and street food and “staying safe” with off-road bike treks.

Tourism Australia‘s newest video ad is part of the destination’s effort to highlight its cuisine. The ad is similar to previous ones in that it features activities across the country, but this one adds in the meals that follow those activities as well as activities all about food.

Colonial Williamsburg targets couples and families in its new ad campaign by suggesting how colonial can actually be cool. It goes for shock factor by having visitors explain their trips filled of shackles, warfare and more traditional vacation activities like golf games.

Flying Dog Hostel takes horrific scenes from every day life, pauses them and then offers reprieve in Peru. The silence that follows the noise of public transportation and offices is welcome, suggesting that a trip to Peru would also be a welcome break from everyday life.

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