Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Parts Unknown’ Episode 3: A Meal Shared Among World-Famous Chefs


Apr 28, 2014 3:00 pm

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Bourdain appears relaxed, grateful and truly happy to be in the company of Lyon’s great chefs showing that his true love remains cooking and food, more so than the media game that’s built him into he is today. It’s a treat for viewers to see Bourdain enjoy an experience so thoroughly.

— Samantha Shankman

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Anthony Bourdain eats lunch with second-graders in Daniel Boulud's former elementary school. CNN

This week Anthony Bourdain and crew traveled to Lyon, France, in search of why the city has produced some of the most well-known chefs of all time.

The third episode of the third season of CNN’s Parts Unknown was a special one for Bourdain who met and spent time with men who have been role models and heroes throughout his cooking career.

In true Parts Unknown fashion, the production team at ZPZ created a fantastic “family tree” highlighting which the lineage of chefs and how they influenced one another. The show returned to the graphic several times as it traced the city’s history of chefs.

Famous chef and restaurant owner Daniel Boulud served as Bourdain’s guide throughout the city, its chefs, and its long tradition of turning out world renowned chefs.

The duo visit the Institut Paul Bocuse where they see young chefs learn the classic dishes and get their hands dirty prepping a chicken inside a pig bladder.

They also go to Boulud’s former elementary school where they see how young French children are fed today. The meals are less expensive to create than those served in American schools, but much more rich in nutrients.

The show then delves into the details of rich French food at the legendary Maison Troisgos. Here, the Troisgos family shows Bourdain how they prepare their most well-known dish: salmon in sorrella sauce.

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