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12 Menu Items from Airbnb’s Cafeteria That Reveal an Appetite for Disruption


Apr 26, 2014 12:00 pm

Forbes  / YouTube

A spread featured in a Forbes video about the Airbnb kitchen. Forbes / YouTube

We’ve covered the ins and outs of Airbnb, from its clever marketing and smart design, to smart uses of its technology by small hotels, to its many legal challenges in big markets.

But we’ve found one thing about the sharing economy giant that even New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman could love: It’s staff cafeteria menus.

Airbnb employees and their guests at the San Francisco headquarters have the benefit of organic meals dreamed up by in-house chef Samuel Lippman. And from time to time Lippman creates a menu around a musical artist’s song catalog and lyrics.

It’s half Weird Al, half Top Chef. And all delicious.

Some of those menus are collected at Airfoodandchef, and you’ll also find employees sharing pics on Instagram and Facebook.

We’ve collected our 12 favorites, below:

Snoop Dog
“Nothin’ But a Pea Thing”
Note: All dishes served doggystyle

Biggie Smalls
“I Love it When You Call Me Big Pasta”

“I Just Want You Extra Thyme and Your … Grits”

“All the Lonely Pita” — served with “Paperback Raita”

“Dave Gruel”

Jimi Hendrix
“Little Wings” — served with “Jimichurri”

Kanye West
“Jesus Woks”
Note: Call ahead for late registration (seats fill Taylor Swiftly)

Bob Marley
“Jah, Squashtafari”
Note: No Shirt No Shoes No Woman No Cry

Led Zepplin
Robert Plantains
Note: Please ask about in through the outdoor seating

Wu-Tang Clan
“Ghostface Kaler”

“You Can’t Hide Your Frying Rice”
Note: Our eggs are Don Hen-Laid

Our favorite menu has to be the David Bowie-themed affair from January of this year. Part greatest hits album, part healthy meal, it has enough music history stuck in it to make and Mojo reader happy. It’s in full, below. But this would have to be the most inventive, all-around item:

“We Could Be Gyros”
Ingredients: “Lambarynth (cooked over an open Fame), Tatziki stardust, Lettuce Dance, I’m Afraid of American Cheese, Suffragette Chili”


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