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The Artificial Intelligence Tool That Wants to Plan Your Next Trip

Apr 22, 2014 12:30 pm

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There have been many other Utrip-like sites and tools over the past 10 years. And none of them caught on with consumers.

— Jason Clampet

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Utrip could help you plan your dream vacation in Europe.

Based on your travel interests and budget restrictions, the startup’s predictive web app spits out fully fledged travel itineraries. The process is quick — the average traveler takes less than a minute adjusting Utrip’s 16 “levers,” chief executive Gilad Berenstein told Tnooz. Then, Utrip generates 10,000 iterations of a relevant itinerary. So if you like “nature,” but also enjoy “spontaneity” and “adventure,” it may recommend a bungee jump or wildlife hike over a visit to a botanical garden.

Utrip is focused on engineering, not marketing, said Berenstein. The app learns from its overall crowd of users, as well as your past actions on the site, to provide you with an ideal schedule.

The Seattle, Wash.-based company today announced a $750,000 seed round, bringing its total funding to $1.1 million since its founding in 2011. Utrip also officially launching its app today after a 20-month beta period.

Felix Anthony, former vice president of Kindle for Amazon, and CB Alliance, a New York venture capital firm, joined earlier investors in financing the seed round. Utrip will use the funding to expand its nine-person team.

The app currently supports 27 European cities. Utrip plans to expand support to some North American destinations soon. It also intends to roll out its mobile app shortly.

This article originally appeared on VentureBeat.

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