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Ryanair Introduces First TV Commercials in 25 Years


Apr 09, 2014 11:30 am

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Ryanair’s smooth marketing move might cause flyers to take a closer look at the carrier’s changes, but it doesn’t erase the fact that the airline still charges for almost all add-ons, flies to airports far from city centers, and has fares to attract the rowdiest of passengers.

— Samantha Shankman

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Karen Bryan  / Flickr

The tail of a Ryanair jet arriving in Malta from Edinburgh. Karen Bryan / Flickr

Flyers can be forgiven for mistaking Ryanair‘s new TV commercials for a joke — an ad that intentionally positions the airline as something it’s not.

Ryanair is releasing three new commercials this week, which will be the low-cost carrier’s first TV ads in almost 25 years.

The brief 20-second spots highlight three major changes the airline has introduced including new baggage rules, allocated seating, and a new website.

The ads also target a different demographic than the drunk Brits and American backpackers that we usually think of filling up a Ryanair flight.

These new ads show an older man calmly browsing Ryanair’s once-cluttered site, a business women with two carry-on bags in tow, and parents with a young child they know they’ll be able to sit near.

Ryanair’s CEO and, until recently, public ambassador Ryan O’Leary is notably missing from all three ads.

According to The Telegraph, the three clips, embedded below, were shot in a single day to keep costs low.

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