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A Pilot’s Perspective on What Didn’t Happen on Malaysia Flight 370

Excerpt from JetHead's Blog

Skift Take

This expert look by a pilot at the security, communications, and procedural shortcomings of Malaysia Airlines’ missing flight gets to the core of why the flight was able to go missing.

— Jason Clampet

Speculation on what happened to Malaysia 370 now runs rampant across the world media, just as it always does after any airline disaster.

But as usual, most of what the “informed sources” hypothesize is unfounded or at least, not based on fact. That’s because whether the “experts” popping up on broadcast media want to admit it or not, there are few facts; and for all the wrong reasons in this case, there are fewer than ever.

That in itself is significant and, in my judgment from the perspective of one who makes a living piloting Boeing jets, a major factor largely ignored in the media. Specifically, what didn’t happen to that Boeing 777 holds the key to what did.

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