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FlightCar’s New Product Targets Business Travelers

Excerpt from TechCrunch

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It’s interesting how FlightCar’s leadership can continue to argue that they’re not in the business of renting cars at airports when they roll out one product after another aimed at airport passengers.

— Jason Clampet

FlightCar is seeking to boost the number of business travelers who make their cars available through its peer-to-peer rental platform, with a new offering designed to appeal directly to them. While that offering requires that business travelers pay for their parking, they could also make more when their cars are rented.

… Until recently, those who left their vehicles with FlightCar were able to get free parking, and could even get paid if their cars were rented and used. Rates are between $0.05 and $0.20 per mile.

… The Business Traveler offering from FlightCar will allow them to expense their parking while still being able to make some extra cash if their cars are rented out.

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