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Puerto Rico Tourism Campaign Looks to TripAdvisor to Build Trust


Jan 27, 2014 8:30 am

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Puerto Rico’s tourism board realizes what matters to tourists making destination decisions today and puts its efforts toward promoting its best reviews on several platforms rather than just covering up negative ones online.

— Samantha Shankman

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The homepage of Puerto Rico's tourism website prominently features TripAdvisor reviews.

Puerto Rico’s latest tourism campaign could also double as one for TripAdvisor.

The island territory’s latest series of print, online, and broadcast advertisements prominently feature TripAdvisor reviews in a bid to let travelers tell one another why they should visit the island.

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company launched the “Five Star Island” campaign in September 2013 and will continue to build it for the next three years. The campaign features TripAdvisor’s logo and quotes from real reviews.

Although the ads will appear on TV, in print ads, and on billboards, the largest push will be online. The website was also redesigned to put the campaign front and center.

Over the last two years destinations and hotel chains like Wyndham and Four Seasons have turned once-disliked user generated reviews on TripAdvisor into marketing opportunities.

“Puerto Rico’s ad campaign highlights the importance of candid traveler reviews and is an example of a growing number of travel and tourism businesses that embrace TripAdvisor,” explains TripAdvisor director of brand marketing Colleen Heikka.

A spokesperson from See Puerto Rico says the campaign has resulted in an increase in website traffic, but did not share an exact number.

The video ads, which feature real stories from TripAdvisor reviews, are narrated by local celebrities. The first three videos are included below:

Puerto Rico: La Isla Estrella from Puerto Rico: The All-Star Island on Vimeo.

El Yunque: Una opinion de un viajero de Trip Advisor from Puerto Rico: The All-Star Island on Vimeo.

Golf : A Trip Advisor Traveler Review from Puerto Rico: The All-Star Island on Vimeo.

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